Toloja Orchards

Natural to the Core

All preserves are made in small batches in a nut free kitchen. Close attention is given to the quality of the ingredients many of which are seasonal and either sourced from our own land or bought locally. The savoury products are made with mature cider vinegar.


Sweet Herb - True Taste of Wales winning mustard

Dragons Fire - Deep red mustard using smoked paprika and chilli

Scrumpy - A fragrant mustard using fennel seeds

Horseradish - A combination of mustard and horseradish gives a real bite!

Tarragon & Lime - A delicate flavour complimenting chicken and fish

Red Berry - Delightful with any game

Welsh Ale - A distinct flavour wonderful with any meat

Apple Spiced - A must with pork

Spiced Orange - Delicious with chicken, duck & turkry


Dragons Breath - A chutney with some warmth using fresh chilli's

Welsh Farmhouse - Delicious and rich with dates and spices

Rhubarb & Ginger - Suprisingly nice with trout as well as cheese

Rubijocki - A creamy mix with beetroot and horseradish, lovely with mackerel

Beetroot & Apple - A relish which is good with cheese & pork chops

Beetroot & Orange - Fragrant and tasty with fresh orange juice and zest

Mint & Apple - A sauce/jelly use with lamb or mix with yogurt to have with curry

Red Onion - A sweet marmalade for ploughmans or toasted cheese sandwiches


Tutti Frutti - Jam packed you could say with several types of fruit

Blackcurrant - The king of jams!

Rhubarb & Ginger - Fantastc on toast of with a ripe camembert

Hedgerow - A classic using blackberries and apples

Strawberry & White Chocolate - Naughty but nice!

Raspberry Jam - A sparkling red jam, good with anything

Gooseberry & Elderflower - Not always available, dependant on whether I get to them before the squirrels!

Chilli - Now should this be here? Not sure but if you like hot & sweet, this is for you


Cider Brandy - Orange marmalade made with our cider brandy

Lemon & Cider - A great combination of zesty lemons and dry cider

St Clements - Oranges and lemons of course, as in the song!

Lime & Ginger - Fragrant and warming, but not hot

All of the above can be made up into triple gift towers for a special gift or wedding favours


3 mini hex jars wrapped & branded 'Made in Wales'

Mustard Packs

Jammy Packs

Ploughman Packs

Breakfast Packs

Welsh Flag Packs (red, green & white preserves)

CIDER VENEGAR (250ml bottles)

Plain oak matured

Lemon & Ginger

Fruit Infused


Honegar (A blend of vinegar & honey, an old folk remedy for various ailments)