Toloja Orchards - Natural to the Core
Drunk Dewi
Medium Sweet Cider—500ml
Multi award winning cider, achieving True Taste as well as bronze, silver and gold in the Welsh Perry & Cider Society Championships 
Medium Dry Cider—500ml
A lovely blend of two apple types gives a smooth gentle flavour to this cider 
Dry Cider—500ml
A single variety cider with a crisp and dry taste 
Merlin’s Potion
Medium Sweet Cider—500ml
A unique tasting cider, medium sweet with a hint of oak 
Spirit of Pendragon
Presented in a 1 litre glass flagon
This cider has matured in an oak brandy barrel giving an underlying flavour of brandy without losing the identity of the apple.
Presented in a 1 litre glass flagon
This mulled cider has been infused with fresh fruit and spices to heat up
Our cider brandy is a drink of three stages;
the smoothness of silk,
the apple flavour, and then..
 the warmth without fire!!
Great served over ice as well as on it’s own!Comes in both 35cl and 10cl bottles 


Ciders are also available in kegs & bag in boxes for weddings, parties etc.,
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