Toloja Orchards - Natural to the Core
Toloja was launched in 2005 and encompasses not only the production of cider, but also mead, cider brandy and wine.  We also turn a considerable amount of cider into vinegar which then goes into our wide range of mustards, chutneys and pickles. 

The fruit used in our products are grown in Wales and incorporating Welsh varieties they are handpicked and unsprayed. No chemicals or added yeast are used, hence our slogan 'natural to the core'

Toloja  was the brainchild of Nikki & Kevin Sweet, it started from a remark about one of the fields on their smallholding looking nice planted with apples trees…… and of course with apples, comes cider!  The name derived from their three children Tom, Lottie and James.
Coming from Kent Nikki and Kevin had careers in the construction industry, after a string of bad luck which included 7 redundancies between them, they decided to move to Dartmoor in Devon to strive for a bit of the good life, after 10 years they got part way there but not completely, so they decided to up sticks.  They sold up, bought a caravan and with 2 children and a baby travelled around Wales in search of their dream home and future business.  Six months later they found a rundown smallholding overlooking Cardigan Bay and he rest is history.

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